2017 Scholarship Winners Announced

Difficult task determining awards

Dependents of Sangre de Cristo Electric Association customers recently competed for scholarships provided by the rural electric cooperative and in conjunction with power suppliers Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association and Basin Electric Power Cooperative.

Twenty-eight applications were considered for one four-year scholarship at $1,500 per year and eleven $1,500 scholarships. In addition, one $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Basin Electric and two $1,000 scholarships sponsored jointly by Tri-State and Sangre de Cristo were awarded.

A scholarship committee consisting of co-op directors and employees tackled the difficult task of determining scholarship winners.

Brooke Garrett, Buena Vista High School, received the four-year scholarship at $1,500 per year.

The eleven $1,500 scholarships went to:

  • Kirsten Benoit, Custer County High School.
  • Clayton Barr, Cotopaxi High School.
  • Autumn Johnson, Buena Vista High School.
  • Jesse Young, Buena Vista High School.
  • Andrea Golden-Lasher, Fountain Valley School.
  • Grace Richardson, Salida High School.
  • Berlin VanNess, Buena Vista High School.
  • Colton Blankenbeckler, Buena Vista High School.
  • Jocelyn Scott, Buena Vista High School.
  • Hayden Gibb, Buena Vista High School.
  • Elizabeth Nelson, Buena Vista.

The Scholarship Committee awarded the $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Basin Electric to Seth Minor, Salida High School.

The two $1,000 scholarships sponsored jointly by Tri-State and Sangre de Cristo were awarded to Naomi Lyle, Buena Vista High School, and Haley Viers, Buena Vista High School.