Annual Meeting Recap

Sangre de Cristo Electric Association held its annual meeting in Cotopaxi this year on June 20.

Featured guest speakers included Mike McInnes, CEO of Tri-State Generation and Transmission, and Geoff Hier, direc- tor of government relations for the Colorado Rural Electric Association.

Board President Donald Kaufman and SDCEA CEO Paul Erickson presented the annual report and answered questions from the audience.

Mike McInnes of Tri-State Generation and Transmission, SDCEA’s wholesale power supplier, speaks to those attending the annual meeting June 20.

This was the last annual meeting presided over by SDCEA board chairman Kaufman. Kaufman has been president of the board since 2013. His successor, Joe Redetzke, was elected chair- man at the board’s monthly meeting in Buena Vista June 27.

The gathering at the consolidated school also featured a demonstration presented by SDCEA linemen and a virtual reality tour of a wind turbine, presented by Tri-State, SDCEA’s wholesale power supplier. Cotopaxi educator Lou Merrill performed a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.

CEO Paul Erickson talks about SDCEA’s annual report, while board members and the association’s attorney listen in.

One $100 bill credit; two $50 bill credits; four $25 bill credits; one television (donated by Tri-State), and three $50 True Value gift cards (donated by Western United) were awarded in prize drawings.

All consumer-members are invited to attend SDCEA’s annual meeting. Next year’s gathering will be in Buena Vista in June 2019.

Josh Saar and Stacey Moss, SDCEA lineworkers, talk with board member Dennis Dlugokinski about high-voltage electrical safety.
Lou Merrill, Cotopaxi educator and coach, sings the National Anthem.
Tools of the trade.
Sangre de Cristo employee Mallie Miles experiences a virtual reality tour of a wind turbine using specially programmed goggles.