SDCEA Board of Directors meeting highlights, March 29, 2023

Meeting broadcast difficulties: SDCEA experienced technical difficulties with the WebEx platform and most registered members were unable to access the meeting through the link provided. Members that contacted SDCEA were directed to dial in using a telephone to access the meeting. Notice of the technical difficulties was published on the SDCEA website.

Proposed Rate Restructure: The board voted to remove a Proposed Rate Change from Action Items on the agenda.

Public Comment: Comments for and against the proposed rate restructure were heard by the board.

Franchise agreement: The final town of Buena Vista Franchise Agreement was approved by the board.

Interconnection Tariff: The board approved a 2022 Interconnection Tariff description of the fees, deadlines and procedures for interconnection service, to be filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission for informational purposes only.

Request for Qualifications: The board approved an agreement with KPE Engineering group to develop a request for qualifications for rebidding and/or selection of a construction manager for a pending project to renovate the lighting, heating, cooling and air circulation system at SDCEA’s building in Buena Vista.

Financial Report

Capital Credits: The board took action to approve allocating the 2022 operating margins of $679,597.11 to the members. The action also allocated $1,062,171 of non-operating margins to permanent equity.

Year-to-date (February 2023): Revenues are 4.3% over budget due to selling more power than forecasted in the budget. The 2023 budget is based on our year over year average of kwh sales, with a slight increase for growth in number of consumers and sales. Because January and February 2023 were colder than January and February of 2022, more kilowatt hour sales have occurred than budgeted. Total expenses are within 1 % of the budget.

Audit: The cooperative’s 2022 audit was conducted onsite March 21-22. No audit findings were identified.

Operations Report

Wildfire Mitigation Update: Cutting crews have moved from Twin Lakes to Mt. Princeton/Ray Lewis
substation area near Nathrop.
Crews will likely be working in Buena Vista and the surrounding area around October 1. SDCEA plans to clearly communicate the program to the community before starting operations in the town limits.
SDCEA has officially received the grant from Colorado State Forest Service for $479,822. The money received from the grant will help support and accelerate system-wide wildfire mitigation and vegetation management efforts. Funds will be used in Custer and Fremont counties for project work there.

Twin Lakes Project area summary:
Total Trees Removed – 3667
Total Trees Trimmed – 818
Hazard Tree Removed – 100
Project Totals since inception:
Total Trees Removed – 8050
Total Trees Trimmed – 2430
Hazard Trees Removed – 120

Tommy Young line rebuild: Phase I of the Tommy Young line rebuild continues in Fremont and Custer Counties.
• Length – 7.9 miles
• Contractor – Altitude Energy
• Contract Price – $694,347 (labor only)
• Duration – 32 weeks
Phase II is being staked early April

Executive Session: The board adjourned into executive session to discuss personnel and contractual business at 1:30 p.m. The meeting was reconvened at 4 p.m., and was adjourned at 4 p.m. No action was taken in executive session.