Accountants Association Meeting in Buena Vista

David Waggoner of the Moxie Institute speaks to attendees about the importance of communication in the workplace.

Hosted by SDCEA in Buena Vista, the Colorado Rural Electric Accountants Association meeting September 9–11 focused on current trends and practices of accounting in the electric cooperative industry.

About 50 attendees from cooperatives around the state attended the meeting. Several guest speakers covered a variety of topics with attendees, including pension funding, healthcare costs, net metering, investment options, battery storage technology, tax and audit issues, roundtable discussions and more. SDCEA Accounting Lead Sarah Crites is the current president of the organization.

SDCEA CEO Paul Erickson welcomed the group to the area; Matt Juba talked to the group about streamlining the SDCEA net metering program process; and Mike Allen led a tour and discussion of the Trout Creek Solar Project.

The Colorado Rural Electric Accountants Association was formed in 1946 and meets each year at different locations around Colorado. The group previously met at SDCEA in 1950, 1964, 1975, 1983 and 1998.