Capital Credits Explanation

How does SDCEA share its profits back to members and/or why did I have or not have a credit on my bill in November?

Sangre de Cristo Electric is a non-profit electric cooperative. At the end of the year, our financial statements show whether revenue exceeded costs and resulted in a positive margin.

Margins are used by SDCEA for operating capital and, over time, may be paid back to our members in the form of capital credit refunds when the financial position of the cooperative permits and policy provisions are met.

Capital credit refunds are issued most years, but not every year. The board of directors issues the refunds only when these refunds will not negatively impact the financial standing of the cooperative.

If you had electric service with SDCEA during a year for which the board has approved the return of capital credits, that amount will be reflected as a bill credit on your November bill (which you receive in December). This year, capital credits will be posted to eligible accounts that had service in 1996, 2002, and 2003.

For those who move to a new location and no longer receive service on our lines, it is important to leave a forwarding address with us, as we will send you a refund check instead of a bill credit.

Unclaimed capital credit dollars are placed in the SDCEA Charitable Giving Program, and are used to provide academic scholarships and grants to organizations in central Colorado. You may also choose to donate your credit back to the charitable giving program. For more information on that option, please email us.