Employee Profile — Q&A with Sarah Crites, Accounting Clerk III

Sarah and familyJob Description:

I run the monthly payroll processes, maintain asset and plant accounting records, reconcile bank statements, prepare and post monthly journal entries, manage capital credit allocations and retirements, and other duties as assigned.


Woodrow, Colorado

How long have you worked at Sangre de Cristo Electric? Have you held other positions in the company?

Fifteen years. I started as the receptionist, then moved to the accounting clerk I, II, and now III.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had working here so far?

I find it rewarding to learn new things about the utility industry. With the different positions I’ve been in, I have had the opportunity to continuously gain more knowledge about the co-op business.

If you were driving down the road, what song would you turn up if it came on the radio?

It’s really difficult to pick just one song, but I love anything by Fleetwood Mac.

Name a skill you have, unrelated to work.

I grew up in a family that played a lot of cards, so I am quite skilled a pinochle, pitch and gin rummy. My mom is still trying to teach me bridge.

Please share a fun fact about yourself.

I had the Grand Champion hog at the Eastern Colorado Roundup (Washington County Fair) when I was 11.

What would choose as your very last meal?

My mom’s fried chicken served with mashed potatoes and gravy, a warm bacon, spinach salad and a chocolate lava cake for dessert.

What do you do outside of work for fun?

With two active kids, much of my free time is filled with doing my favorite job, being a mom. I also enjoy exercising, reading, traveling and attending Broncos games with my husband.