From The Editor

By Mona Neeley, Editor

Mona Neeley
Mona Neeley

I’ve always thought of myself as a little bit artistic, but, since my kids are grown and all of those endless school projects are behind me, I haven’t gotten crazy with the paints, glue, scissors or markers for a long time — until a few weeks ago.

I was with a group of friends who also happen to be colleagues in the electric co-op business. We were in Gunnison for a conference and headed up to Crested Butte for some creative fun at the Red Room below the Secret Stash pizzeria. We spent the evening sipping cocktails, snacking on amazing, artistic pizzas and painting.

It was fun to access my creative side as I splashed bright swaths of gloppy color on a blank canvas, trying to capture the concept of “electricity” in
paint. That was our assignment: to paint what electricity feels like. My canvas ended up an explosion of reds, blues, greens and yellows. Others had a different take on electricity. That difference in our creative views was part of the evening’s fun.

Want to explore your artistic self? Visit the Colorado Creative Corridor this summer and try something new.

Mona Neeley is the statewide editor of Colorado Country Life, which is published in coordination with your local electric cooperative. Its goal is to provide information from your local electric co-op to you, its consumer-members.