Engineering Clerk I

The Engineering Clerk I receives on‐the‐job training regarding all job functions performed by an Engineering Clerk II or III and assists Engineering Clerk II or III in all phases of work as described in those position descriptions, while also learning the job functions.

This position provides clerical support to the Engineering and Operations Departments and works with consumers that are requesting new services. The job is performed inside in an office environment. It requires the ability to operate computers, office machines, and radios. The job is performed in an office environment, usually during normal office hours, and requires the ability to operate office machines in addition to mobility between offices and office machinery. This position requires constant exposure to and dealing with the general public. Clear and understandable verbal communication in English is required in person and by phone. Adequate writing, spelling, and grammar skills are required for written communications in English. Adequate eyesight is required for reading reports, correspondence, and maps and for other aspects of the job.

Primary Duties:

Learning and performing these duties encompass the primary purposes of this position.

  • Works directly with consumers and the public to receive new service requests; prepares contracts and proposed work order costs.
  • Finalizes work order procedures when work order is complete and prepares proposed work order costs.
  • Maintains radio communications with line and maintenance crews; uses proper radio communications procedures.
  • Prepares correspondence and other work as assigned for the engineering and operations departments.
  • Handles telephone calls for the engineering and operations departments including receiving outage and service calls.  May be required to work extra hours during outages.
  • Assists with annual and other meetings as assigned.

In addition, the Engineering Clerk I is expected to deal with consumers, the public, business contacts, and other Association employees in a cordial, business‐like manner in order to maintain positive public relations within and outside of the Association.  The employee will treat all consumer information as confidential.  This employee is expected to be familiar with Association construction and safety guidelines, rate schedules, line extension and service policies, and forms and contracts used to provide knowledgeable answers to consumer questions and requests.

Secondary Duties:

In addition to the above primary duties, this employee will be expected to work extra hours if the work load or emergency situations require.  This employee will be required to perform other duties as assigned.


A high school diploma or equivalent is required to provide the employee with necessary basic abilities in English, spelling, communications, mathematics, computer, and social skills.

Educational background in business or secretarial fields is desirable to provide necessary clerical skills.

General computing skills and familiarity with office machines are required.

One year of previous office employment is required to provide experience in public relations, telephone etiquette, and general office procedures.

Familiarity with Sangre de Cristo rules and regulations regarding line extensions and rates is desirable. Familiarity with RUS work order procedures and practices is also desirable.


Internal Relationship:

The Engineering Clerk I will:

  1. Cooperate closely with other engineering and operation department personnel on work orders, service changes, consumer information, etc.
  2. Cooperate closely with meter technicians to coordinate meter installations, service complaints, etc.
  3. Cooperate with billing department personnel regarding new accounts, fixed charges, service removals and installations, etc.

External Relationship:

  1. The Engineering Clerk I will work closely with consumers and prospective consumers to give service in the best way consistent with Association policies.


This employee is:

  1. Responsible for personal safety and is expected to follow all Association safety rules and regulations.
  2. Expected to report any hazardous or potentially hazardous situation within the system.
  3. Expected to attend safety meetings.

Job Details

March 28, 2018
April 16, 2018