Keep Track Of Your Electric Usage

Want some ways to keep track of your electric usage? Electric meters keep track of the electricity you use in your home. With our advanced metering system, members have access to detailed data about their energy use in real-time. This helps you identify ways to use less electricity and reduce your monthly bills.

Accessing this information via your online account is easy. Go to our website,, create an account or log in. You’ll see a variety of useful information about your account, including how much electricity you’re using and when, historical usage comparisons and more. You’ll be able to view kilowatt-hours consumed and daily temperatures. The data can be broken down by month, week, day or hourly. You’ll also notice an actual cost calculated for each day. You may export your data or view your billing history.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Are there unexpected patterns in your usage or daily costs?
  • Were your daily activities different on those days (i.e. family stayed home, extra guests, laundry day)?
  • Was the temperature higher or lower on those days, causing the a/c or heat to run in excess of normal operations?

Please make sure we have current contact information including your cell phone, landline and email address. This allows us to get in touch with you about important things such as planned outages or issues with your bill. Set up your own alert preferences, and we’ll let you know when your bill is due or a payment is received.

Give us a call if you have questions or need assistance.