Plan Ahead to Call Before You Dig

Digging without locating underground utilities — even the smallest digging projects — could leave neighborhoods in the dark, cause thousands of dollars in damages or cause severe electrical shock. To help stay safe, make use of the national underground utility locating service for free by calling 811 or visit the 811 website.

The “Call Before You Dig” number will route you to your local utility locating service. Make sure to tell the operator where and when you plan to dig and what type of work you will be doing. From there, it takes a few business days for a professional to come mark your public utilities with flags or spray paint. So make sure to plan ahead and call in advance.

After 30 days from the original locate, your locate is no longer valid. You must call for a second locate.

What do the Colors Mean?

There are different colors of paint and flags that mark the underground utilities, and each
color is universal to what utility is buried.

  • Red – electric
  • Orange – communications, telephone/CATV
  • Blue – potable water
  • Green – sewer/drainage
  • Yellow – gas/petroleum pipe line
  • Purple – reclaimed water
  • White – premark site of intended excavation

Even if you previously had utilities located by calling 811, it is best to call before every digging project. Underground utilities can shift, and it is important to be certain of where they are before ever putting a shovel in the ground.

It is important to understand that locators do not locate privately installed facilities.

If you have any private utilities, you will need to hire a private utility locator. Some examples of private utilities include: underground sprinkler system, invisible fences, data communication systems, private water systems, or gas piping to a garage.

Once all of your underground utilities have been located, it is time to start digging, but be sure to wear all of the proper protective gear before putting the shovel into the earth.