SDCEA Delays Rate Restructure Plan

Cooperative Board Prioritizes the Hiring of New CEO

(Buena Vista, CO, April 7, 2023) – At their first-ever Listening Session held at Buena Vista High School, the Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (SDCEA) Board of Directors announced that they have decided to put their rate restructure plans on hold. The decision was made in order to prioritize the hiring of a new CEO, whose input and leadership would be crucial in the process of making any significant changes to the cooperative’s rates.

Chair Joe Redetzke said the CEO hiring process started at the beginning of April but is expected to take several months to complete. During the CEO hiring process, the board will focus on other priorities to ensure the smooth functioning of the cooperative. Members of the cooperative can rest assured that their rates will remain stable during this period, and any changes to the rates will be made only after careful consideration and with the input of the new CEO.

In a statement, the board of directors emphasized their commitment to ensuring the stability and financial health of the cooperative. They expressed confidence in their ability to continue to serve the needs of their members during this transitional period and thanked their members for their ongoing support.

SDCEA remains committed to providing reliable and affordable electricity to its members and looks forward to hearing from members at upcoming listening sessions 6-8 p.m. May 10 at Howard Hall in Howard and May 15 at the Wet Mountain Saddle Club, Westcliffe. Redetzke, seated on stage with fellow directors, listened to member input, primarily on the cooperative’s proposed rate restructuring, for more than 90 minutes during the Buena Vista session.

SDCEA is a not-for-profit electric cooperative serving 14,000 member accounts in Chaffee, Fremont, Custer, Lake, and Saguache counties.

Above: SDCEA board members on stage at the April 6 listening session in Buena Vista.