SDCEA Sponsors Students Attending June’s Washington D.C. Youth Tour

Len Gates
Chaperone Len Gates

SDCEA sponsored five students who attended the 2018 Washington D.C. Youth Tour in June. Three of those students, Delilah Sander, A.J. Smethers and Levi DeWalt, talked with the board of directors during their regular, monthly meeting in Buena Vista about their trip and what they learned while on it. Among the highlights of the trip was the emotional impact of visiting Arlington National Cemetery; experiencing many of the nation’s historical sites in-person; a meeting with Colorado’s Senators Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner; meeting new friends and gaining leadership skills. Len Gates of SDCEA went as a chaperone for the group.

The Youth Tour is held annually and is sponsored by electric cooperatives throughout the country. More than 1,800 students from across the country attended the 2018 tour, including 34 from Colorado. Watching over the impressive group were 210 chaperones. For information on the 2019 tour, check our website, Applications will be made available this fall for the 2019 tour.

Delilah Sander
Student Delilah Sander
Levi DeWalt
Student Levi DeWalt
A.J. Smethers
Student A.J. Smethers
Youth Your Group at July 2018 Board Meeting
Sander, DeWalt, Smethers, and Gates represented SDCEA during the 2018 Youth Tour. The group spoke about their experiences on the trip with the board of directors at the board’s monthly meeting in July.