SDCEA Summertime Operation Notices

As summer gets in to full swing, SDCEA would like to let you know about a couple of operational items that may affect your power supply during the next few months.

Xcel Upgrades

Xcel Energy will be upgrading transmission lines through Chaffee County beginning in July. SDCEA receives a significant amount of its power supply through Xcel lines. It is possible that during Xcel’s work, SDCEA’s distribution line fed by Xcel’s transmission line could lose power. Outages could be extended as Xcel works to reenergize its line.

A power outage is never convenient. Please take steps to prepare for possible extended outages and stay safe if an outage occurs. As always, if you are experiencing an outage, please call SDCEA toll-free at 1-844-395-2412. You may also follow our Facebook page or website, for updated outage information.

Fire Preparations

Many residents are concerned about potential wildfires in the area this summer. In the event of fire restrictions in our counties, when an outage occurs on our lines, line crews will patrol the section of line affected by the outage prior to restoration of power. The patrol process may add time to the length of an outage. Crews look specifically for trees in power lines or downed power lines which could cause a fire in extremely dry conditions.

Please know, SDCEA will work as safely and efficiently as possible to restore your power as always. It is very important that all of us work together to reduce the potential for wildfires this summer.