SDCEA Works Hard to Provide Reliable, Safe Energy to You Every Day

An SDCEA crew and Lowry Contracting crew plowed through rocky terrain to place electrical wire at a new home site in Chaffee County last month.

Line crews routinely work in difficult weather conditions, as well as in challenging terrain, to install and maintain the system that provides your home or business electric service. For more on the challenges of providing power to residents in central Colorado, please see the “Terrain Presents Service Challenges” video on our website.

Contracted crews from Altitude Energy guided the placement of several poles north of Buena Vista with the aid of a helicopter service in May. Altitude is working on the distribution line from Buena Vista to Twin Lakes, which is being rebuilt to provide more reliable service to those served by both substations. To watch a video of a helicopter setting a pole north of Buena Vista in May, visit our website.

Integrity Tree Service has also been in the field working on wildfire mitigation in Chaffee and Fremont counties. Mitigation along CR 162 from Mt. Princeton to St. Elmo required skilled work, including a stretch near Cascade Falls, where the crew needed rock rappelling skills to complete their task. Integrity’s work can also be viewed in the “Terrain Presents Service Challenges,” video on our website.