Vegetation Management Monthly Update April 2022

Integrity Tree Services pickup truckIntegrity Tree Service, Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (SDCEA)’s vegetation management contractor, will have three crews working in Fremont County this spring. The crews will finish clearing the Cotopaxi and Texas Creek areas and then will work their way west toward the Howard area.

SDCEA crews will also be doing some trimming systemwide to address spots in need of immediate attention, identified through our drone inspection program, onsite evaluation, or consumer calls.

Contact Integrity Tree Services at (616) 301-1300 or visit the Integrity Tree Services website

We Love Trees Too

We know everyone in our community enjoys the beauty that trees provide. But trees and power lines can be a dangerous mix without regular vegetation management.

If you see us in the community removing or trimming trees, remember the many benefits it brings:

  • Keeps power lines clear of tree limbs
  • Decreases the risk of vegetation that comes in contact with lines igniting and potentially causing a wildfire
  • Helps us restore power outages more quickly
  • Keeps crews and members of our community safe
  • Reduces unexpected costs for repairs Vegetation management improves service reliability for you, the consumers we serve.