Carbon Reduction Options

Together with our wholesale power supplier, Tri-State G&T, we work diligently to bring our members cost-effective, reliable, clean energy.

Green Energy Program

Interested in having green energy delivered to your home? SDCEA’s Green Energy Program provides you the opportunity to purchase 100-kilowatt-hour blocks of electricity generated from renewable sources without having to make an expensive investment in equipment and installation of rooftop equipment to do so.

As an electric distribution cooperative, SDCEA purchases wholesale power to send out along the lines and infrastructure that we develop and maintain. For an extra 40 cents per month for each block, you will direct SDCEA’s power supplier to purchase additional renewable energy to power a portion, or all, of your electric consumption at your home or business. This option allows you individual choice to support increased clean energy use without passing the cost of purchasing that power on to other consumers. There is no limit to the number of blocks you may purchase.

SDCEA has committed to this program and proudly supplies our headquarters in Buena Vista and our warehouse in Westcliffe with 100% clean energy.

Community Solar

Our Community Solar Program is an option for consumers who want to invest extra funds each month to buy into the locally- generated energy output from SDCEA’s Trout Creek Solar facility. This program is also suited for you if you are unable or do not want to install solar panels at your home or business. The community solar program allows consumers to purchase a subscription for a portion of the power generated at Trout Creek Solar, a solar facility south of Buena Vista. Published subscription rates for residential and non-residential consumers are available on our website in the Governance section.

Rooftop Solar

Interested in adding private solar, wind or hydro energy to your account? We’re here to help. As a matter of fact, SDCEA has one of the highest percentages of rooftop solar penetration in the state of Colorado. Consumer-owned solar, wind or hydro involves significant up-front costs or financing for a long-term investment, which requires careful analysis. Give us a call to ask questions, to find out what size and type of system may work best for you, and to learn how our program works. We’ll give you the information you need and explain what SDCEA requirements you will need to meet before you talk to a solar installer or invest in solar. Email Net Metering or call (844) 395-2412.