Community Grant Program

SDCEA’s Community Grant program is administered by The Chaffee County Community Foundation (CCCF). Non-profit organizations from Chaffee, Custer, Lake, or Fremont counties are eligible to apply to CCCF for funding during an annual grant cycle.

Applications for Community Grants are taken online through CCCF’s grant portal, generally beginning in July with an August deadline. Grants are evaluated by members of CCCF’s grants committee, bringing years of combined grants experience to the review and evaluation process.

SDCEA’s Community Grant Program funding is made possible by allocating capital credits donated-back to the cooperative for charitable giving. Added to the total are the generous contributions of SDCEA consumers who participate in the Power of Change (formerly Operation RoundUp) program. Power of Change funds are added to the Community Grant Program fund allocation.

Power of Change participants round their bill up each month to the nearest dollar. For example, a monthly bill of $52.74 would be rounded-up to $53. The extra 26 cents are then pooled with other consumers’ donations and placed in the Power of Change program. Power of Change donations may be tax-deductible. To learn more about the Power of Change program, please click here.

2020 grant recipients included: Achieve, Inc. (The Little Engine Eatery); Ark Valley Helping Hands; Ark Valley Humane Society Pet Food Pantry; Boys & Girls Club of Chaffee County; Buena Vista Optimist Club Backpack Program; Chaffee County Early Childhood Council; Chaffee County Search & Rescue North; Chaffee County United Soccer Club; elevateHER; FEDC WellStart; Greater Arkansas River Nature Association; Lake County Search & Rescue; Rotary Lending Medical Aids; St. George Episcopal Church; The Alliance: The Grainery Ministry; The Manna House and The New Caring and Sharing.

For information about the CCCF, please click here.