Capital Credit Information

Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (SDCEA) is a non-profit electric cooperative. At the end of the year, our financial statements show whether revenue exceeded costs and resulted in a positive margin. Margins are used by SDCEA for operating capital and, over time, may be paid back to our members in the form of capital credit refunds when the financial position of the cooperative permits and policy provisions are met.

If you had electric service with SDCEA during a year for which the board of directors has approved the return of capital credits, that amount will be reflected as a bill credit on your November bill. For those who move to a new location and no longer receive service on our lines, it is important to leave a forwarding address with us, as we will send you a refund check instead of a bill credit.

In December 2022, SDCEA refunded credits to members who received service in 1997 and 2004. SDCEA posted money to 3738 accounts and sent 6865 checks for a total refund of $239,080.29.

Click here to see a list of names from SDCEA’s 2021 capital credit retirement to whom checks were mailed that were returned because we did not have a valid address. Or, in some cases, checks were simply not cashed.

If you see a name on the list that you know, you can help them receive their check by having them contact us. If there is a person on the list who is deceased, please have their heirs contact us.

Email us or call 719 395-2412 or toll-free 844 395-2412.