Electrical Lineworkers

Lineworkers install and maintain overhead and underground electrical systems. We rely on their expertise to power our world.

They must commit to safety above all else for the benefit of those they serve (you!), fellow crew members, and themselves.

What They Wear

Graphic of an electrical lineworkerProtective clothing is required to shield lineworkers since they work around high voltages. Gear can vary depending on pole structure (wood or steel) and weighs up to 45 pounds.

  • Hot Stick –Insulated and made of electrical-grade fiberglass, used on energized or “hot” lines.
  • Insulated Hard Hat – Provides protection from electrical hazards and blows to the head.
  • Safety Glasses – Protects eyes and blocks sun glare – especially important when working on energized lines
  • Flame-Resistant Clothing – Helps protect the skin in case of flames or electric arc flash.
  • Rubber Gloves – Specialized, insulated gloves that protect against electric shock and burns.
  • Safety Strap – Once safely attached to the pole, the strap allows the use of both hands.
  • Tool Pouch – Allows essential items (connectors, wires, etc.) to be close by.
  • Hand Line – Rope strong enough to hoist equipment; it has steel clips and a pulley block.
  • Climbers or Leg Shanks – These hold the gaffs securely in place.
  • Work Boots – Aid in climbing and protect the leg and foot.
  • Gaffs – Steel points used for climbing wood utility poles.