Idle Services

Thank you for visiting SDCEA’s idle service response form. Below are options available to you regarding the inactive electric service on your property. Please select one of the options below and submit your request.

You may review SDCEA’s Board Policy No. C-14 Idle Service and Service Location Retention (PDF), which governs idle services.

  • Option 1: I would like this service fully reconnected. I agree to pay a reconnect fee of $35 and all applicable monthly charges and will be required to pay a minimum of a $250 deposit, which will be credited back to me after one year of on-time payments this account.
  • Option 2: I would like service to remain at the below location, but do not wish to fully reconnect at this time. I agree to enter into a non-refundable annual service location retention agreement of $168 (plus tax) upon receipt of the electronically-signed document in the SDCEA office, prorated, if July or after, for remainder of this year. The service location retention agreement will then be billed in total, annually in January. If you have not previously had electric service with SDCEA, you will need to go to to fill out and submit a start service form to create an account after selecting Option 2 below.
  • Option 3: I do not wish to have the service remain at the below location. I agree to have the service retired, which is the removal of all poles, power line and electrical equipment at my location. I understand that if, at any time in the future, I want electric service reinstated, I will need to reapply for service and will be charged new construction costs per SDCEA rates and policies in effect at that time. There is no charge to retire this service, but I acknowledge that I am informed of the potentially high cost to reinstall this service.