Your Prepay Option

The Prepay option at SDCEA allows consumers to purchase electricity on a pay-as-you-go basis, similar to the setup of a prepaid gift or credit card. As it is convenient, consumers may load their account, then draw down the balance as they use power. Payments may be made daily, weekly or monthly, as long as a credit balance is maintained. When the balance reaches zero, the meter will switch power off at the service location.

Consumers who elect to go to the Prepay program may:

  • Avoid placing a deposit on new service
  • Eliminate disconnect fees
  • Manage their energy use
  • Configure automated alerts and reminders
  • Make payments in increments that don’t strain their budget
  • Sync bill payments to pay dates or receipt of benefits

An initial $50 payment toward a credit balance is required. If a consumer has an existing deposit on their account, that deposit can be applied to their Prepay balance if applicable.

Once your account is set up, you need to register with the free SmartHub app to receive account notices. Prepay accounts are calculated daily based on the electricity used in the previous 24 hours. When an account credit balance gets low, an automated email or text notification will be generated to remind you to replenish your account to avoid interruption in service.

Prepay payments may be made in our office, by mail, through the SmartHub app or toll free at (866) 999-8491.

Do you have questions about the program or are you interested in signing up? Please contact our office at (719) 395-2412 or toll-free at (844) 395-2412.