Green Energy

Want to offset your carbon footprint?

Circle of Energy ConservationSDCEA’s Green Energy program provides you the opportunity to purchase 100-kilowatt-hour blocks of renewable electricity to offset your electricity usage without an expensive investment in equipment and installation.

  • Green Energy power provides you a direct opportunity to help our environment by supporting electricity generated from renewable power sources.
  • We use your power purchases to help us meet our annual renewable energy requirements dictated by Colorado law.
  • Use of consumer Green Energy purchases may help us defer rate increases that would otherwise be necessary to meet renewable energy mandates.

Would you like to power your home with electricity that comes from clean, renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydro?

  • Green Energy is sold in 100-kWh blocks.
  • The current cost of each block is 40 cents. For an average consumer, this cost amounts to a few dollars per month extra and will show up on your regular bill as a Renewable Energy charge.
  • For an extra 40 cents per month for each block, you may purchase renewable energy to offset a portion of, or the entire use of, electricity in your home or business.There is no limit on the number of blocks you can purchase. For example, if your average monthly usage shows you draw about 700 kilowatt-hours of power, for an additional $2.80 a month, your home would be powered by entirely renewable sources.
  • You must commit to the program for a minimum of one year.
  • You will be billed for the number of blocks you commit to regardless of your actual kWh consumption.
  • Green Energy block prices are market-based and are subject to change
  • Common questions

    • What is renewable energy?
      Renewable energy is electricity generated by renewable resources such as the sun and the wind. These resources are replenished naturally. Renewable energy is provided by our power supplier and distributed to you, our member, by SDCEA.
    • Why is my electric cooperative offering the Green Energy program?
      Our Green Energy Program provides you a direct opportunity to help your environment by supporting electricity generated from renewable power sources. By voluntarily participating in this program, you and Sangre de Cristo Electric Association are proving your commitment by helping improve our community.
    • How much does it cost to join the renewable energy program?
      Each 100-kilowatt-hour block will add 40 cents to your monthly electric bill. There is no equipment to buy.

    SDCEA has committed to this program and proudly supplies our headquarters in Buena Vista and our warehouse in Westcliffe with 100% Green Energy offsets.

How do I participate?

Our Green Energy program is an entirely voluntary program.

If you would like to participate in the program, please provide your information.
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 1.
  • Acceptance of Terms

    I commit to purchase the above specified block(s) of green power for a minimum period of one year. I agree to pay a 40 cents surcharge per block each month, which will be added to my monthly bill. I understand this surcharge is based on market rates and is subject to change.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.